Goin' Home (May​-​Day)

from by Dylan Moses & Friends



I'm goin home to find myself a love
I'm goin home to break my heart in two
When I get home I'll give the dog a walk
And then I'll send the other have to you
Daddy says he'll cook up something good
I'm goin home to get back on my feet
I jus need to have someplace to go
When I get there this sadness will retreat
Gonna treat myself good, live like I should
Get up when the sun rises, sleep under the stars
It's April after all, it'll be alright

I'm goin home to get my room cleaned up
I'm headed there in time to break it off
Goin home to raise the family cup
And lean back on their arms till I'm well off
I'm goin home for no more than a week
I'm goin home because I lack the strength
To pretend there's a promise I can keep
Or act like I love in the same way
Gonna tell her no lies, cut all my ties
Speak it to her softly now, they find out anyway
It's April after all, it'll be alright

I'm goin home to play fetch with the cat
Goin home to put the dog to sleep
Cannot say I've done this in the past
When I get there what will he think of me?
Mama says she hates this job the most
Clearing out this old and messy house
Every room another set of ghosts
Goin there to see if I can help
Gonna lighten my heart, try and do my part
Become a vegetarian, take the spiders to the yard
April after all

I'm goin home maybe this time is the last
I'm goin home to make myself anew
I'm goin home I hope I don't come back
I hope my old friends notice how I grew
I'm goin where they drink that wine all day
I'm goin home where they got nothin more
than to watch the world from far away
I'm goin to remind them of the poor
And if they say boy you need some employ
that's what all the birds are for, I work with my ears
its april after all

Goin where it doesn't hurt so bad
Gonna try and block out all the hate
The way this dog can't stand it makes me sad
How I left her man it was too late
I'm goin home to watch the blue jays fly
Goin home to sit on the front porch
Gonna let the summer moths roll by
Cause that's when my worries get the worst
And if it don't take, if my mind breaks
Just remember how I was as a little child
Alone with little thoughts.


from Live in Studio, released October 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Dylan Moses Kansas City, Missouri

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