Homes of Mathematicians

from by Dylan Moses & Friends



In the homes of mathematicians you were what I knew,
Where numbers make you kneel and calculation turns you blue
You were what was for real so I'll sit down and wait for you
(I hope you don't forget to come back for me)

I always wake up dreamin of our moon-lit sacred space
How your dark eyes in relief from the paleness of your face
Were silhouetted like the summers trees, how your words touched me like lace
(I hope that sometimes yer rememberin')

I always wake up seeming so out in the unknown
In this empty bedroom hole, it seems I've never grown
'Cross the street the neighbor trolls drink, shout, n slur & moan
(I hope you'll come take me from here)


That night if I could relive over forever more
And keep your smile to my mind's eye, so mystical and warm
If the film did not break down & die, & the words not fade to lore
(Then I'd have no reason to keep seekin')

Then I could give, to my children to hold
And to say over to their children, “that's how grandpa lost his soul
An tho it is not forbidden, beware when that bell tolls
(For the one who might take you away from you)”

And tho we did not touch, I still felt so near to you
I chase that night we talked till morn, tho the sequels aren't as true
It leaves me hollow & forlorn, your face is one I knew
(But somewhere the thread in my mind was shorn from me to you)


The chances I have not took shake me at the witches hour,
They write me into a book, pitiful and sour
Bereft and feeling overlooked I'd be utterly devoured
(Were it not for the night frogs trillin)

To remind me of the many cries that we must let,
To remind me of the many sighs unuttered yet
& tho some may die on silenced ears and some we may forget
(That's no reason for to cease cease callin)

Now I've got sights to behold, worlds to ramble on,
Fantasy must be played, she greets us at the dawn
For the toils and fruits laid of a day given over & bygone
May be waiting to meet us somewhere


from Live in Studio, released October 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Dylan Moses Kansas City, Missouri

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